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Mmkay.. it's Tuesday..

My appointments are all tomorrow. Been shopping today, picked up a few things that were needed.. both now and in the future. Think I'm going to buy some things on line.. as they seem to be cheaper. I not only have a doctor's appointment in the morning, but also therapy tomorrow afternoon. I'm not sure why I double schedule, and tuck myself into creases.. but the past couple of days have been restful. I'm ready to be busy again. Going to do some looking in Tulsa for a few things.. Crib shopping.. is the biggest thing on my list, as I got back our income tax money.. and I know it's a big impact item on my list. I lined out a few things on Amazon too that I want to print out and bring with us.. to just double check prices and compare. I'm telling you.. this pretending like I'm buying for someone else bit really does work.

Anyway.. I really want to do this life story thing, but I have had trouble really getting my head around it. I know in the end it won't take me very long, but for some reason I don't really want to think about it. I'm not sure why.. nothing really traumatic happened during my childhood, and heaven knows my teenage years were just as tulmultuous as any. For the most part.. I was a pretty normal kid. I liked books alot, and I had very few friends. My parents isolated us alot, kept us away from other kids our age because of their faith. Never had school friends really, until I was an adolescent. Even then they were so few.. it was hard to really have a variety of folks to pull from. That's why I became an internet junkie at 15 I guess. More friends that like you for your mind, and not your appearance.. or who your parents are.. or how much money you have. It was a pleasant change. My parents were not too thrilled . They tried many times to dissuade me from talking to people in the 'real' world. The 'real' world at that time was more substantial to me than the actual world. Virtual space was always so much more important. I have to say it isn't regrettable. This love of the virtual has afforded me many opportunities. I have friends everywhere.. in many places I would have never dreamt without the internet. I've made long lasting connections with some people I have never met, and some folks even moved closer. In the end.. you are only as far as a few tanks of gas.. and some time. It's not so bad having friends in far-away places. Only inconvenient.

Not much more in me for tonight. I am uncomfortable, and ready to be horizontal. My regular posture is terrible for this baby thing. Need to learn to sit back.
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