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3rd day, this is a habit almost!

Just cooked Omelettes with leftover Kielbasa, Olives, mushrooms and cheese. They were pretty tasty I must say. Couldn't flip them perfectly.. as that takes patience and I was hungry! Before Taylor came over with Sarah and Jeremy, I made Rice Krispy Treats.. also hard not to eat all of them. At least they won't last long enough to get stale. They are almost all gone. Today was a really eventful day! Had my visit with the nurses this morning, they came to the house. They informed me that my weight was right on target for now, and that I need to gain about 3/4ths of a pound a week. I'm really going to try and stay right in this range though, otherwise my doctor will yell. It's going to be very difficult to get out of this baby thing without some serious health consequences.

So after that, I got a call from the dealership where I got my car last year. I had called them last week to see if they had any newer, lower mileage cars on the lot that were in the same price-range as my Spectra. They did, but when I called the bank to get my payoff I was disheartened.. and decided to leave it at that. They called me this morning and I explained this situation to them, and they said "No problem, we can fix it.".. So I decided to just go take a look at what they had anyway.

There were quite a few options available, but initially I wasn't looking to go home with anything. I was pretty determined that if they could not pay off my car, or give me a decent payment.. I was walking. After several hours of negotiations, and lots of internal discussions.. along with my mother and Robert being there to help.. I brought home a new Nissan Sentra. New.. not used. It was not in my plan for the day, but it was in my budget.. and they paid off my note on the Kia. It was really a good move. I also learned that my credit was good enough to get financed through Nissan, and at a 6.7% interest rate.

I am oddly not as excited about this car as I was my Spectra. I am strangely tranquil and very calm about the whole situation. I was looking for a car that was roomier, and had a slightly bigger backseat. This was provided, and now it looks like the hard part is done. Tag, Tax and Title was included.. so I don't even have to come up with the extra money to pick that up later. This is good. It's big, but it's good. The most satisfying thing.. of the WHOLE day.. was learning that making my Spectra payments, and my Sprint payments ON TIME.. really paid off. In 18 months, if I decide this car is not for me.. or that I am in need of a different model, Nissan will gaurantee to finance me.. as long as I make my payments on time.

From having the Sportage, I have learned.. it pays to make your payments ON TIME and make them count. Getting a vehicle reposessed is a terrible feeling. Been on that wagon, don't want to go again.

Anyway.. so that was the bulk of my day. I'm happy that my favorite mexican restaurant is open again in town. The renovations are nice, and the food is just as tasty.. and cheap. I like that combination. There is alot to do tomorrow too. I wish this whole.. off work thing.. equated to being able to relax, but it seems like everyday there is something new to do. I suppose this is good, and healthy.. but sometimes I just want to disconnect. I've been very good at using my WiiFit Plus every other day for the past couple of weeks, but I'm slacking tonight. Just too tired.. mentally, physically, and somewhat emotionally. Maybe this weekend will see a slow change in pace.

We really need to work on kitchen goods and cabinetry. I have all the major parts ready for installation.. Just no time to do it in! Of course.. I can't do it myself, but I can supervise while it is being done!! I think we've decided to use laminate flooring in the baby's room.. sometimes cheaper than carpet.. and definitely easier and cleaner. Just have to find it cheap enough. Sometimes the stuff goes for really cheap at Lowe's when they get a pallet of it on clearance.

No strange feelings today. I accompanied Robert in the new digs to do a job in Antlers at the Dollar store there. Did a little toodling around the store, and ended up in the baby clothes section. Took a deep breath.. and started browsing. I think I pretended I was shopping for someone else.. that had similar tastes as me. It seemed to make it easier to breathe. I know it sounds funny.. loosing your cool in the clothing isles at a BFE Dollar General... but it probably would have happened if I wouldn't have used active visualization. I know that I don't really NEED new baby clothes. That I can get scads of it at second hand stores for next to nothing.. but it was more the act of surfing through the racks that I had to face.

Having freak out panic attacks are definitely not me. I'm lucky that I learned to center myself a long, long time ago.. I just have to remember how I did it. If I can get there.. I can get anywhere.

Therapy tomorrow, and I still haven't summarized my life. Jill will probably be disappointed.. I'll try to work on it in the morning before I go. It isn't an easy thing to write out and think about.. because it's been so bizarre. We'll see though.. bedtime.. I'm so exhausted.
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