Laron/Mythie +1 (laron) wrote,
Laron/Mythie +1

From the confines of my iphone.

There is an LJ app for my iphone?? Amazing. Just thought i'd jot down a few things. Check in on everyone, and try not to say anything unintelligent.

I am 37 weeks pregnant with my son Ender. I have a newly neutered fluffy puppy named Ghost, who think i am better than treats. I have a mother who is so over excited about having grandchildren, ahe keeps calling them hers.. And i keep correxting her. Gently, but firmly reminding her that these are not her minds to instill all of their self-righteous dribble into.

That's going. .. Awkwardly.

Anyway. Before baby comes we will be starting an adventure in Eorzea via FFXIV. It'll be something to do during late night feedings. Anyhow.. Thats all we have going on here... In my Iphone...

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