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Today we went to Muskogee for a lung specialist appointment for mom. Nothing serious, just a check on a blip which showed up on her CT scan last year. Everything is fine, no problems. I am so exhausted. I decided to pick up a paper and see what kind of sales were going on that started on Friday. We had lunch, I checked out the yard sales.. and then we went on a little adventure.

Mostly I was looking for baby things, but instead found some lovely glassware to try and turn for a profit. A crystal bowl, some amber teacups and saucers, and an amber coin jar. Pretty, and if they don't sell I'll just keep them.

Then we hit the Just Between Friends sale, If you haven't heard of this organization it is .. and really worth going to their events. Everything is in pristine condition, and resale. It was the first time I've really been excited about baby shopping.. period.. and it's because everything was so affordable! Picked up so much stuff.. filled my trunk, which is no small feat. Got alot of things on my list, like a bumper set.. that came with a lamp and soft blanket.. and a ton of other things. Crib sheets, toys, a bottle warmer and microwave sanitizer, and the coolest thing of all I think.. was the which I also wanted. So lots of fun, lots of digs.. and now.. so much sleep. I am so tired! I get so tired, so fast now. It's ridiculous. Hopefully we'll work on the kitchen tomorrow...
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